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At WST Consulting we connect highly specialized scientific talent to pharmaceutical and biotech partners

Our Services

We connect the top talent across the country with growing pharma and biotech companies. We learn about candidates career aspirations and connect them with our clients. 

WST Consulting utilizes the industry's latest tools to help connect our partners with talent in CMC and R&D to meet their growing needs.

How we help

What makes us different

We specialize specifically in hard to find talent and take the time to understand the technical skills needed in each role. We know our clients need specific experience when looking for someone in CMC/R&D. We understand those nuances when finding the right candidate.

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Managing Director - Kara Cougill

Kara Cougill is the Managing Director of WST Consulting and oversees all day-to-day company operations.

Kara is a graduate of Indiana University and has a history of recruiting and building out departments at multiple Strategic Sourcing companies. Kara has had a CMC and R&D focus throughout her recruitment career and is excited to continue to work with brilliant scientists across the US.  

Kara founded and manages WST Consulting with the mission to reimagine how we work and provide an excellent service to clients.


Contact Us

518 Bowman Ave 

Madison, WI 53716

(317) 292-7004

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