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Welcome to WST – the forefront of talent discovery, where innovation meets expertise. Our AI-powered recruitment platform is more than a service; it's a strategic approach to building your dream team. Whether you're a visionary candidate or a forward-thinking client, join us on this journey where science meets talent, and possibilities are limitless. Explore the future of recruitment with precision and purpose.


Our Process

The Science Behind Finding the Right People

Professional Service

Boutique professional service partner, without large agency downsides.

Cutting Edge Technology

At WST Consulting, cutting-edge AI technology fuels our candidate pipeline, delivering rapid, precise outcomes for our clients.

Industry Leading Rates

Unmatchable recruitment service rates, saving your team money without sacrificing quality.




At WST Consulting, we take pride in our commitment to excellence, and it all begins with the meticulous science we apply to the recruitment process. 

We view recruitment as a precise science, where each step is carefully calibrated to identify, assess, and connect with the most qualified individuals in the ever-evolving fields of AI, Data Science, Computer Vision, Deep Learning, and Machine Learning. Our team of experts acts as skilled scientists, utilizing advanced algorithms and industry insights to dissect the intricacies of talent.

From the initial screening to the final placement, we employ a data-driven methodology that goes beyond traditional recruitment practices. Our process involves analyzing not just resumes, but the deeper attributes that make a candidate the right fit for your organization. We delve into the nuances of skills, experience, and cultural alignment, ensuring a seamless integration of new talent into your team.




“I worked with Kara in a couple of key searches for our company. She was very diligent, capture the essence of the position and identify suitable candidates providing summarized information. She expeditiously arrange interviews and feedback sessions, which allowed us to narrow down the search until identified the right person for the role. Throughout the process, Kara was highly engaged, proactive and kept me informed of the progress. She is a talented professional and a very kind person to work with, for which I am happy to recommend her.”

Hector Tamburini
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The Science Behind Finding the Right People

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